Is this program available across Canada?

We have targeted Toronto and Greater Toronto Area as a starting point to get the word out on ActiveMatch, however, there is a lot of nation-wide interest in ActiveMatch and we are working on getting this service rolled out everywhere.

Women outside of the Greater Toronto Area might have a harder time finding a match in their area until more women join ActiveMatch. While we are trying to engage with women in other provinces, you may still enjoy finding someone who can offer support online or via phone.

Are you willing to help us advertise ActiveMatch in your community?  Please contact us at activematchwomen@gmail.com to let us know!


Is ActiveMatch safe and secure?  Will all of my personal information be kept private?

ActiveMatch has multiple layers of safety and security (e.g. screening questions to detect fraudulent profiles). ActiveMatch is a secure web space that requires registration and approval by the research team. Personal information will not be “seen” or visible to anyone searching the web or non-members. Safeguards are in place to protect all confidential information in compliance with all laws and regulations to prevent any unauthorized use or disclosure of data.


Can I choose which information is displayed on my profile?

Only ActiveMatch members will see your profile. The following information will be displayed on your personal profile: Username, age, reasons for wanting an exercise partner, fitness level, fitness motivation, personality, activities preferred, preferred exercise location, top 3 reasons for wanting to be active, cancer type, treatment status (e.g., finished all main treatments), treatment description, and whether you are part of another support group or wellness program. Women identified this information as important when choosing an exercise partner.

Information that is NOT displayed or available to any users: Postal code and treating hospital. These questions are used to identify proximity to potential matches, and the treatment questions ensure that women on the site have had cancer. This is an important feature of ActiveMatch, we want to ensure there are no “intruders” on the site.


Is it easy to register and create a profile?

Yes!  The video below offers a step-by-step guide to registering and creating your ActiveMatch profile:


Do I need to upload a photo to my profile?

You do not need to upload a photo, but it is very highly recommended. Photos help other women to feel safe and secure if they see a face to a name and profile.


How do I match with someone?

Go to: “Browse Profiles” and use the filtering criteria provided. Click “Search” and ActiveMatch will generate a list of possible matches. Click the name of the woman whose profile you want to see in more detail. If it seems like they might be a good exercise partner match for you, click “Match with… (their username)” They will receive an e-mail saying that you matched with them. You can also Message the person, and open up a dialogue between you and your match.


What if I can’t find a match?

We are working to promote ActiveMatch to as many women as possible so that you can find your ideal match. If you cannot find a match, we encourage you to broaden your search criteria (e.g., increase age range and/or distance from your home). If you cannot find anyone that lives nearby, you may still enjoy finding someone who can offer support via phone, text or email. This can help keep you accountable to your exercise plans!


What about if someone starts messaging me saying inappropriate things?

Please report any issues immediately to activematchwomen@gmail.com, and we will take the appropriate steps to contact and remove the user from the system. You can also go to a profile and click “Report Offensive Profile,” and we will receive this notification immediately.


I matched with someone but now I don’t know where to find my matches.

Whenever you want to see your matches, go to “Browse Profiles” and they will show there at the top of the page.


What if I want to exercise with more than one woman?

Great! If you want to put together an exercise group, we encourage that too. You can match with more than one woman using the same procedures outlined above.


What if I no longer want to be matched with someone?

Not a problem! You can click “Leave Group”.


Does ActiveMatch provide suggested exercises?

ActiveMatch is focused on helping you to find an exercise partner rather than suggesting specific exercises (we respect that our members have different preferences, experiences, and goals when it comes to exercise).  That said, we get that it can be tricky to know where to start, so we have developed an exercise resources page for you.  Check it out to see exercise-related tips and links to exercise programs near you.


I still have a question!  Who do I contact?

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact activematchwomen@gmail.com

We would love to hear from you!