Exercise Resources

How to get started

  1. Talk to your doctor – Check with your oncology team before starting any exercise program.
  2. Make a goal – It’s helpful to have realistic goals. Stay flexible and always listen to your body.
  3. Start small – Start with a little and progress only when you are ready.  Every little bit of movement helps.
  4. Buddy up – Being active with someone else increases the likelihood that you’ll stick to an exercise program. Use ActiveMatch to find your exercise partner(s)!
  5. Walking is a great way to start! 

Community Services Locator: Find an Exercise Program

The Canadian Cancer Society’s Community Services Locator helps people living with and beyond cancer (and their family and friends) find services and programs across Canada.  The Community Services Locator has a category specifically for “rehabilitation and exercise” services!



TIP: On the main page of the Community Services Locator, search for “exercise” and enter your postal code.

Connect with the listed programs to find out if they might be a good fit for you and your ActiveMatch exercise partner(s)!


Physical Activity Guidelines for Cancer Survivors


This short video from our colleagues at 2Unstoppable summarizes Cancer Care Ontario’s published exercise guidelines for people with cancer:


You can also check out the consensus statement on exercise guidelines for cancer survivors! These guidelines (which were just released in November 2019) address the role of aerobic and resistance training in improving cancer-related health outcomes.


Structured Exercise Programs


Program Name Description and Location
Cancer Rehabilitation and Exercise (CaRE) Program, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network  

Description: 8-week rehabilitation and exercise program in a group-setting or home-based setting. Must be a patient treated at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

Location: Toronto General Hospital, Toronto

HEALTh Lifestyle Program, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network  

Description: A program providing education, exercise, and peer support to assist women being treated for and recovering from breast cancer.

Location: Toronto Rehab – Rumsey Centre, Toronto

Wellspring Cancer Exercise




Description: A 20-week comprehensive community-based cancer exercise program. The focus is to improve flexibility, strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Locations: Wellspring Chinguacousy, Brampton, Wellspring Westerkirk House, Sunnybrook, Wellspring Downtown Toronto, Toronto, Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House, Oakville, Wellspring Niagara, Southern Ontario, Wellspring Stratford, Southern Ontario, Wellspring London and Region, Southern Ontario


CanWell, Hamilton Exercise Program, YMCA, Hamilton Health Sciences, McMaster University



Description: 12-week supervised exercise and education program designed for individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer at any stage of their cancer treatment.

Locations: Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford partnered YMCA locations.

MacWarriors Cancer Rehabilitation Service, McMaster University

Description: Physiotherapy and supervised exercise sessions for cancer survivors.

Location: McMaster Physical Centre of Excellence, Hamilton

UW WELL-FIT Cancer Exercise Programs, University of Waterloo  

Description: 3 different programs offer supervised group-based exercise sessions for individuals who are currently or have previously undergone treatment.

Location: Centre for Community, Clinical and Applied Research Excellence, Kitchener-Waterloo

Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre – Do It With Ease  

Description: To help regain and maintain range of motion, maintain physical fitness, build core strength, and maintain physical fitness.

Location: Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre, Oshawa

RENEW: Cancer Wellness Program, Windsor Regional Hospital



Description: Participants work with specially trained fitness instructors to help them regain strength and confidence. The 60-minute exercise classes run twice a week for 10 weeks. Must be an active patient at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre.

Locations: Windsor Squash & Fitness Club, Windsor YMCA, Hospice of Windsor, St Denis Centre, Pure Cycle & Yoga Studio, BeachWalk Family Fitness, Performance 360, Ironworks Fitness

More Coming Soon…

We are in the middle of extending our list of resources to provide you with carefully curated information and links.  Thank you for your patience!